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One of the things that get people up in the morning, ready for a full day of work or studying is coffee. When you’re craving that caffeine hit in a steaming hot cup of coffee, it is more than just disappointing when you are served bad coffee that is too cold, too bitter or too weak. This is why we have compiled a list of the best coffee in Sydney in five busy areas that won’t let you down.

  1. Circa Espresso, Parramatta

A small, yet cosy cafe that may be hidden away from the main streets, yet still has made a lasting impression on locals; Circa Espresso. According to their website, they have teamed up with CRS (Collective Roasting Solutions) in order to produce the much loved best coffee in Sydney, Parramatta.

  1. Coffee Brothers, Mona Vale

Are you looking for a great coffee experience and are down in Mona Vale? Coffee Brothers get their coffee beans from Tanna Island, delivering fast, yet steaming hot and delicious coffee every time.

  1. Cavalier Speciality Coffee, St Leonards

Warm up from the Winter Blues with steaming, yummy coffee from Cavalier Specialty Coffee. They meet their aim to produce light, fresh meals and fantastic, speciality coffee, making it the best coffee in Sydney, St Leonards.

  1. Reuben Hills, Surry Hills

The best coffee in Sydney, Surry Hills is Reuben Hills. They offer classic coffee such as White and Black, as well as some Espresso of the Day and other speciality flavours. This is a great place if you are looking for a cup of rich and creamy coffee to start your day.

  1. Twenty 8 Acres, Darlington

Follow the scent of aromatic coffee through the back streets of Chippendale to arrive at Twenty 8 Acres. Twenty 8 Acres prides themselves on delivering freshly made, delicious coffee. Whether you are looking for a morning wake-up call or an afternoon slump pick-me-up, Twenty 8 Acres’ coffee will hit the spot, every single time.

If you are looking for the best coffee in Sydney, then here are top 5 spots in 5 different areas around Sydney to check out and get your much-needed caffeine fix to get you ready for the day.


The Best Coffee in Sydney

Hidden in the back streets is the popular Chippendale cafe, Twenty 8 Acres. Follow the aromatic scent of freshly made coffee in the morning, the promise of a delicious and healthy breakfast that will set you up for the day, and a hearty lunch that will get you through that afternoon slump and leave you full, happy and more than satisfied for hours on end.

This Chippendale cafe was opened in 2013. The origin of its name came from the 28 acre Darling Nursery on which it is situated. This area was named after Ralph Darling, who was the governor of New South Wales in 1835.

The vision was to create a cosy, yet vibrant cafe that new and existing customers could come in, relax and enjoy a nice meal with their family and friends. The place was to be intimate and inviting so that every person who walked through the front doors of this Chippendale cafe would immediately feel welcome.

What sets Twenty 8 Acres apart is that everything we serve is made in our kitchen every morning. We pride ourselves on delivering everything freshly made so that every customer is served with healthy, yet delicious food and drink.

The food that we don’t make in-house has been sourced from local shops or from boutique producers. However, the food that we do source has been selected after conducting vigorous market research and of course, taste testing.

Drop by and pay our little Chippendale cafe a visit. Whether you are looking for our popular Irish breakfast or feeling like something a little more light such as our House baked muesli with fruit, lemon and poppy seed yoghurt, we have something for everyone.

About Our Chippendale Cafe

At Twenty 8 Acres, we pride ourselves on delivering all our meals using freshly made food and locally sourced products, especially since a main part of eating healthily includes using fresh food when cooking. However, fresh food is often difficult to obtain on a regular basis, which is why packaged food is often the go-to item for those living the on-the-go lifestyle. Despite this though, packaged food causes negative effects in our bodies, making it worthwhile to question whether the convenience is worth the side effects.

Packaged Food

When you buy processed, packaged food in the stores or supermarket, chances are that they are covered in chemicals
and additives that can be detrimental to our health and bodies.

When food is being grown on farms, farmers use sprays as a way to repel weeds and insects. While it does protect the
produce from these elements, it also means that the chemicals and additives in the sprays are now transferred onto the food. After buying processed or preserved foods, customers then ingest the chemicals from the sprays. These chemicals can have both short term and long-term negative effects on the consumer, ultimately jeopardizing their health.

Fresh Food

In comparison to packaged food, fresh food will be free of any chemicals and additives that packaged and processed food contain. There are many benefits to eating fresh food including:

  • Environmentally friendlier: It helps the environment by eliminating the use of sprays and chemicals
  • Healthier: Compared to packaged and preserved food, fresh food is healthier. The nutrients in packaged food are often greatly reduced which means that consumers do not reap the same nutritious effects as when they eat fresh food. Fresh food will also be free of any preservatives, dyes, added salt, sugar, flavouring, fats and more.
  • Tastes better: Nothing beats the taste of a meal made with fresh food and eating food in its natural form as opposed to packaged food full of chemicals.

The bottom line is, not only will your taste buds thank you for eating fresh food, but also your body and health. The convenience of buying and consuming packaged food is greatly outweighed by the health benefits of eating fresh meals.

At Twenty 8 Acres, virtually everything on our menu it made fresh in the morning in our kitchen so you know that you are eating high quality food. For the menu items not made in-house, we have sourced them locally. If you are looking for fresh, delicious breakfast and lunch food and coffee, then pay us a visit at Twenty 8 Acres.

The Great Debate: Fresh Food Versus Packaged Food

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